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Region: USA, Kentucky
Address: Highway 49
Nelson County
Ky 40004
Owner: Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc.
Phone: +1 502-348-3921
Fax: +1 502-348-0162
Status: Operating
Homepage: Heaven Hill Distilleries
Visits: Visitor Centre

Founded 1935 by Shapira Brothers
Most of the operation was burned down in a major fire November 7th 1996.


1492 Bourbon
Anderson Club Bourbon
Aristocrat Bourbon
Bourbon Center
Bourbon Falls
Bourbon Hill
Bourbon Royal
Bourbon Valley
Cabin Still 80 proof Bourbon
Cabin Still 86 proof Bourbon
Cabin Still 90 proof Bourbon
Champion Bourbon
Chapin & Gore Bourbon
Colonel's Choice Bourbon
Colonel's Pride Bourbon Colonel Tyson Bourbon
Daniel Stewart Bourbon
Distillers Pride Bourbon
Dowling 10 YO, 100 proof Bourbon
Dowling 8 YO, 86 proof Bourbon
Echo Springs Bourbon
Elijah Craig 12 YO 94 proof Bourbon
Elijah Craig Single Barrel 18 YO 90 proof Bourbon
Evan Williams 1783, 10 YO Bourbon
Evan Williams Black Label 7 YO 90 proof Bourbon
Evan Williams Blue Label Bourbon
Evan Williams Green Label 8 YO 86 proof Bourbon
Evan Williams Red Label Bourbon
Evan Williams Single Barrel Vint. 8-9 YO 86.6 pr.
Evan Williams White Label Bourbon
Fighting Cock 6 YO 103 proof Bourbon
Five Brothers Bourbon
Fowler's Bourbon
Free Spirit Bourbon
Gold Crown Bourbon
Heaven Hill 28 YO Bourbon Export only
Heaven Hill 4 YO 80 proof Bourbon
Heaven Hill 6 YO 90 proof Bourbon
Heaven Hill Ultra Deluxe
Henry McKenna 10 YO Single Barrel Bourbon
Henry McKenna 4 YO 80 proof Bourbon
Henry McKenna, Bottled in Bond, 100 Bourbon
Heritage Black Bourbon
J. W. Corn
J.T.S. Brown 80 proof Bourbon
J.W. Dant Bourbon
Jim Porter Bourbon
John Hamilton Bourbon
Kentucky Beau Bourbon
Kentucky Deluxe Bourbon
Kentucky Deluxe Bourbon
Kentucky Gold Bourbon
Kentucky Mild Bourbon
Kentucky National Bourbon
Kentucky Nobleman Bourbon
Kentucky Premium Bourbon
Kentucky Supreme Bourbon
M & M Bourbon
Mark Twain Bourbon
Martin Mills Bourbon
Mattingly & Moore 80 proof Bourbon
Medley Brothers Bourbon
Mellow Bond Bourbon
Mr. Bourbon
North Brook Straight Rye
Old 101 Bourbon
Old 1889 4 YO 80 proof Bourbon
Old 1889 Royal Bourbon
Old Fitzgerald 1849 Bourbon
Old Fitzgerald Bourbon
Old Heaven Hill Bourbon
Old Joe Bourbon
Old Jordan Bourbon
Old Kentucky Rifle 80 proof Bourbon Bottled in Germany
Old Medley Bourbon
Old Premium Bourbon
Old Style Bourbon
Old Whiskey River 6 YO Bourbon 86 proof Branded for Willie Nelson/Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd.
Original Barrel Bourbon
Pennypacker Bourbon
Pikesville Supreme Straight Rye 86 proof This rye was originally produced in Maryland.
Quality House Bourbon
Rittenhouse Rye
Rittenhouse Very Rare 21 YO Single Barrel Straight Rye
Rosewood Bourbon
Sam Clay Bourbon
Sam Sykes Black Bourbon
Samuels 1844 Bourbon
Seven Hills Bourbon
Sir Sidney Bourbon
Spring River Bourbon
Stephen Foster Bourbon
Sunny Glenn Bourbon
T.W. Samuels 86 proof Bourbon
Tom Hannah Bourbon
Tom Sims 6 YO Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Very Special Old Fitzgerald Bourbon
Virgin Bourbon Bourbon
W. W. Beam Bourbon
Westpoint Bourbon
Westridge Bourbon
William Stuart Bourbon

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