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Region: Scotland, Bottlers & Blenders
Address: Russell House
Dunnet Way
West Lothian EH52 5BU
Owner: Ian Macleod & Co Ltd
Phone: +44 1506 852 205
Fax: +44 1506 856 434
Status: Operating
Homepage: Macleod's

Founded 1936 by Leonard J. Russell


"As We Get It" 8 YO Cask Strength Single Malt
Black Rooster Blended Export only
Black Shield Blended Export only
Chieftain's Choice Single Malt Selections from different distilleries
Cockburn & Murray 8 YO Deluxe Blended Export only
Cockburn & Murray 'The Seven Stills' Vatted Malt Export only
Dun Bheagan Highland 8 YO Single Malt
Dun Bheagan Islay 8 YO Single Malt
Dun Bheagan Lowland 8 YO Single Malt
Dun Bheagan Pure Malt 8 YO Vatted
Dun Bheagan Speyside 8 YO Single Malt
Glen Halley 10 YO Single Malt
Glen Tress Vatted Malt
Hedges & Butler 12 YO Finest de Luxe Blended
Hedges & Butler 15 YO Supreme de Luxe Blended
Hedges & Butler 8 YO Special de Luxe Blended
Hedges & Butler Clynelish 10 YO Vintage Malt
Hedges & Butler Royal de Luxe Blended
Hedges & Butler Special Pure Malt
Hedges & Butler Teaninich 17 YO Vintage Malt
Isle of Skye 12 YO Blended
Isle of Skye 18 YO Deluxe Blended
Isle of Skye 21 YO Deluxe Blended
Isle of Skye 50 YO Deluxe Blended
Isle of Skye 8 YO Blended
King Robert II Blended
MacLeod's Single Highland Malt
MacLeod's Single Island Malt
MacLeod's Single Islay Malt
MacLeod's Single Lowland Malt
MacLeod's Single Speyside Malt
Mason's Blended Export only
Queen's Seal Blended Export only
Red Rooster Blended Export only
The Six Isles Vatted Malt
Wm Maxwell Blended Export only

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