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whisk(e)y sauce

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Topic: whisk(e)y sauce
Posted By: whiskyportal
Subject: whisk(e)y sauce
Date Posted: 07.07.2005 at 00:30

Can anyone give me a recipe for a good whisky sauce for pepper steaks? Which whisky would be best?



Dennis Klindrup - The Whisky Portal

Posted By: talisker25
Date Posted: 09.07.2005 at 20:33

hello dennis

all amounts are up to you really but a whisky sauce i make has single cream, i use red pepprcorns (about 25/30) because the look nicer, they just want to cracked not crushed, a t spoon fill of redcurrant jelly, an 30/40 grams of unsalted butter for thickening (a little more if needed) and whisky. it needs to be a whisky a bit further north but not islay as that would overpower the steak but something like highland park or glenfarclas would be ideal, again the amount is personal taste but i would not use anymore then 35ml.

if you make it let me know how it went

Posted By: whiskyportal
Date Posted: 26.11.2006 at 18:17

Oops, sorry. I just noticed that I never gave the reply.

It took a while before I got around to making the sauce, when when I finally did, it was a great match for the peppersteaks (with only a moderate amount of pepper). I used some Highland Park 12 YO, and it went very well.

Thanks a lot - I will absolutely use this recipe again


Dennis Klindrup - The Whisky Portal

Posted By: eric m
Date Posted: 13.02.2009 at 19:13
Here`s a quick recipe
3tbls mayonaise
1tbls tomatoketchup
1tbls whisky of your liking
pinch of cayennepepper
stir altogether till you have a creamy reddish sauce,optional a pinch of salt to taste,stir and chill it for at least 20minutes.Good with shrimps.

Posted By: kane22
Date Posted: 12.10.2009 at 22:50
I was also searching for the same recipe.Thanks for sharing your views.I will definitely try it. 

Kane - Habanos

Posted By: coolpal28
Date Posted: 13.10.2009 at 11:55
mughlai dish is also possible with this type. I liked your recipe and will definately give it a try... hope i like it... as it seems really nice to me...
Thank you...

Henry Roddrick

Posted By: henry21r
Date Posted: 25.10.2009 at 11:49
thanks for the recipe i liked it... it is really nice.. i cant wait it to try... 

Henry - Cuban Cigars

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