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Mixing Whisky

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Topic: Mixing Whisky
Posted By: oloroso
Subject: Mixing Whisky
Date Posted: 01.05.2007 at 16:13
Okay time to blow this thing wide open...

Try this drink..

50ml Whisky (eg. anCnoc/Chivas)
25ml fresh espresso
12.5ml coffee liqueur (eg. Kahlua)
teaspoon of vanilla sugar syrup

Shake it up with ice (thats right you heard me) and strain it through a tea strainer into a glass.
mmmmmmmmm...... Anyone else? -

Posted By: eric m
Date Posted: 03.05.2007 at 14:39
What a waste AnCnoc in a cocktail!        5/10 whisky,1/10 hot cocoa,1egg,1/10 pisang Ambon,put it with ice in the shaker and strain. slainthe Oloroso!

Posted By: oloroso
Date Posted: 03.05.2007 at 15:47
Sounds deeeeeelish, I'm sure anCnoc would taste great in it.

Check out the whisky live section in the website for more anCnoctails... -

Posted By: eric m
Date Posted: 28.04.2008 at 16:33
20ml wodka,30ml Lapfhroiag,dash of vermouth and a dash of peachliquor,shake and pour out over crushed ice,garnish with mintleave.Use a longdrink.

Posted By: kane22
Date Posted: 12.10.2009 at 22:58
That was really very yummy. I loved it a lot. Keep me updating about such kind of extraordinary things and i will try that out.

Kane - Habanos

Posted By: terry
Date Posted: 30.10.2009 at 09:22
he he......seems to be very yummy.....well will surely try it.....

------------- - Cohiba

Posted By: michaelmast
Date Posted: 24.02.2010 at 16:10
Aberdeen Angus
2 ounces of Whisky, 1 ounce of Drambuie, 1 teaspoon of Lime Juice, 1 tablespoon of Honey. Stir whisky and honey until smooth, add lime, warm drambuie and ignite, pour on top and stir.

------------- - Cohiba Cigars - Montecristo Cigar

Posted By: Kapil
Date Posted: 05.10.2010 at 12:50
It depends on what kind of whiskey you have. Assuming you have a low end variety (just about anything that costs less than $25 for a 750ml bottle), the most popular mixes are with coke (Jack and Coke) or sour mix (whiskey sour). If you don't have sour mix, Squirt will work in a pinch.
If you have a higher end whiskey (I prefer Irish whiskey), many people drink it on the rocks (ice), or, with an excellent whiskey, they'll drink it straight at room temperature.

------------- - Australian Wine

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